Daheen - Being Green

The long awaited Daheen psytrance album is finally here! A kaleidoscopic musical adventure of frogs, elephants, Jedi Masters, Pirates, horses, cows, chickens, pigs, ducks, cats, dogs, panthers, Native Americans, birds, lions, Tarzan, tribesmen and monkeys! All this to bouncy groovy beats and twisting soaring melodies make this album a feast for the ears!

‘Being Green’ is an amazing blend of sounds and styles. Each track uses a vast array of samples to construct a theme or story that will truly take you on a journey. Quirky, creative, comical, sometimes serious, very funky. Great music to dance or listen to. This is a unique album that will stand out with its originality and is sure to provide fun times on dancefloors around the world.

As an added bonus the CD comes with an accompanying short story to be read with the music as a soundtrack. Each chapter corresponds with the track and incorporates all the spoken samples heard throughout the tunes.

Another environmentally friendly release from Regen Records with 1 tree planted for every CD sold!

Available now for A$19 (includes postage and handling)

bumble - Bust and Bloom

After 150 million years of facilitating the romance between plants, collecting delicious fragrant pollen & regurgitating it into the sweet, sweet nectar we call honey.... it is time.... It is time for you to lie on your side as bumble generously ladles organic, viscous liquid produce directly into your eccentric ear vessels.

And whilst that is settling in, we take our hats off to you for attempting the absurd. NO doubt the impossible will bloom.

Regen Records are excited to present the highly anticipated first release from bumble. You may have already tasted the sweet, sweet sounds of bumble on the Treecreation compilation or in one of his other incarnations as one half of psy-duo ONDA or solo psy project A'kin.

A delicious taste-test is available on bumble's facebook page.

With elements of wonky, wobbly, IDM, dub-step, breaks, down-beat, glitch-hop, groove electonica & so on.... Treat youself to a unique organic inspired, sonically diverse, bass wobbling, funk centered listening experience....

Available now for $18 (includes postage & handling)

Regeneration - Morning Vibrations from Across the Nation

Regeneration is a compilation of various artists and brings together some diverse, solid, and psychedelic morning sounds to chase the sunrise and greet the dawn of a new day on dance floors world-wide. Regeneration is a concept album that supports new growth and challenges the creative energy of the Australian music scene by combining established and new artists from across the nation, including the winners of the Regen Records morning psytrance competition!

  • 1. Terrafractyl - Altered Planet
  • 2. Weblet - Wake and Bake
  • 3. Onda - Herd of Buffalo
  • 4. Daheen Vs Psyboriginal - The Doozers
  • 5. Thermohaline - Alice in Deep Bass Land
  • 6. Ridge Back - Morning Flare
  • 7. Hijax - Population Power
  • 8. Akin - Tri-a-new-angle
  • 9. Hedonix - Liberte toujours
  • 10. Solarplex - Ancient

Purchasing this CD will make you feel all warm and fuzzy: for every CD sold 1 tree will be planted at the next Regen Records planting event (April 2010!!!); the CD is manufactured from recycled and recyclable/compostable material using all natural inks and glues; and all proceeds from the sale of the CD goes towards environmental education and restoration projects and supporting the random evolution and growth of the Australian music scene!

Available now for A$22 (includes postage and handling)

Treecreation CD


Here are some excerpts from the tracks to wet your appetite:

You can buy the CD directly from us for A$24 includes postage, packaging and planting!



TreeCreation - Various Artists

1 tree planted for every cd sold!!

TreeCreation is a collection of chilled beats to sooth the soul and heal the earth brought to you by the environmentally friendly label Regen Records. Featuring the best of Australian down tempo artists from all corners of the country such as Spoonbill, Mystic Beats and Bent Intent, alongside special guest Hibernation from the UK. The music will take you on a fantastic ride through all genres of chill with tastes of psy dub, tribal, glitch, and psy chill. All expertly mastered by Huby at Ultimae this CD has a little something for everybody.

The ride goes like this:

1. Mystic Beats - Medit

For this track, the Mystic Beats was a coming together of Bodhi Seed - beats and guitar, Shai shriki - oud, Matt farrell - flute, Hugh - percussion and Leaf Barlow - sitar,mixed at the mothership studio in North New South Wales. The tune blends the talents of these fine artists deliciously, drawing you in deeper as it builds and builds into an epic masterpiece. It is no wonder these guys have such a popular following, their sound is truly something special.

2. Bent Intent - Deca

Renowned for incorporating open soundscapes, sneaky rhythms, accoustic elements and evolving synthesis - Bent Intent follows the 'less is more approach', revelling in the spaces in between. Deca is a beautiful example of just such a creation. The melodies and frequencies combining with goose bumps the end result. Created in the tropics of the far north coast of Queensland, the stunning beauty of the surrounds must surely have helped inspire this track.

3. Hibernation - Click Hauz

Otherwise known as Kaya Project, Shakta or Digitalis to name a few, Seb Taylor is a true legend when it comes to music production. Coming from the UK and the only non Australian artist on the compilation, Hibernation is a very special guest to have indeed. Click Hauz only goes to increase this man's legendary status, showcasing the brilliant new Hibernation sound full of quirky glitchy complicity, wonderfully catchy melodies and warm downtempo grooves.

4. Spoonbill - J-spray

Enter Australia's very own legend of the downtempo genre, Spoonbill. Not that he really fits any genre, rather he is a genre unto himself. This is a never before heard track of this Melbournian maestro of beats. J-spray takes us on a spoonbilled flight filled with the characteristicly mind bending unthinkable combinations of sounds, samples, noises, nuances, beats, bass and melting melodies.

5. Kalya Scintilla - El Questione

The chill project of the hugely talented progressive artist known as Merkaba from the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, this track came to us via the back of a landcruiser somewhere in the remote centre of Australia. It is a fantastic display of tight percussion and lush bass with a taste of Middle East influence.

6. Daheen - Jungle Juice (chill mix)

The chill remix of Daheen's hugely popular psytrance track Jungle Juice. It retains all the imaginative elements that made the original so popular, with a laid back groove that takes you all the way to that hammock swinging in the trees deep in the African jungle....that is until you get attacked by the big cats.

7. Indijika - Hunahau

These two lads from the west coast of Australia are an extremely special find. Combining many organic instruments such as didgeridoo, djembe, guitar and the magical sounds of the hang instrument, with deep driving bass lines and superb production. They have developed a fantastic sound intertwining a true Australian resonance with a world music flavour and a tribal progressive touch. Hunahau is sure to be a faourite of many peoples around the globe.

8. Thermohaline - Tumbleweed Dub

One of the rising stars in the Australian psytrance scene, Thermohaline shows us his diversity by producing an excellent down tempo number. This track is filled with surprises at every corner, soaring melodies, grinding bass lines, and some great work on the sitar, this one will no doubt be swinging hips and tapping feet wherever it is heard.

9. Bumble - The Courtship

This is the chill project of another talented psytrance artist, Akin. A man of multi talents, it is very exciting to see the birth of this new direction in his music. A truly unique sound that incorporates the beautiful natural music of the birds with his own beautiful melodies, great use of samples and superb production. The twists and turns through the track is like the meandering direction of a forest trail which is exactly where this track takes you to, walking side by side with Sir David Attenborough in a discovery of the complex courtship of the birds.

10. Daheen - Humming Bird

Daheen finishes the CD with some wise words spoken by the woman known as the Tree Mother, Wangari Maathi. The stirring words combined with interwoven violin, cello, guitar and piano with a deep dubby bassline make for an emotive track filled with passion and feeling. The last words encouraging the planting of trees is a great reminder of what the CD is all about.

This CD has been produced completely Carbon Neutral thanks to Breed Media's carbon offset program.

  • All packaging is made from recycled and FSC certified sustainable material including the new fully recycled plastic tray and is 100% recyclable. For every 3 CDs, 2 plastic bottles are saved from landfill. It requires 1/3rd of the processing energy of virgin material and is non toxic.
  • Printing was done alcohol free using vegetable inks, no volatile organic compound emissions from inks or coatings, and no use of quick dry glues with ozone depleting substances.
  • For every CD sold there will be 1 tree planted at the next Regen Records planting event, you can even come plant them yourself!
  • All profits go to environmental restoration and education projects.

Special thanks for their support to Breed Media for their excellent stance on environmental CD printing, Huby Cuypers at Ultimae for the fantastic job on the mastering and Rod Smith from Kiredor Design for the superb artwork.


Tree Dimensional CD

Available now for A$22 (includes postage and handling)

Also available from Psyshop and Saiko Sounds


Tree Dimensional - Various Artists

2 trees planted for every cd sold!!


1. Daheen – Regrowth
- A beautifully layered track full of quirky sounds and stomping beats. A great morning dance floor mover with some thought provoking samples. Listen out for the chainsaw!
2. Mr Peculiar – Psyraka
- The familiar sounds of one of Australia’s finest producers. This track really takes you places and gets those feet moving day or night.
3. Thermohaline – Plant 2000 Trees
- The debut release by this talented Aussie artist. A master of melodies he has intertwined a whole assortment of riffs and sounds to produce a fantastic full on uplifting morning track with some great environmental samples.
4. Space Tribe & Azax Syndrom – Epidemic
- One of the true legends of psytrance teams up with Azax for a storming full on track that will make the dance floor go ballistic morning or night.
5. Psyboriginal – Can You Imagine
- One of the real up and coming starts of the psy scene teams up with the guitar sounds of his friend Tom Moons from Lani to produce possibly the most cranking tracks of the year.
6. Metal Wizard – Redefining Dark
- Debut release from this former Metal muso turned psy head. The result is a fantasticly unique piece of work. Psymetaltrance that will go down a treat in the darker hours. Listen out for the wicked solo.
7. Akin – Unclear
- Another debut release, this guy is going places. A wonderfully psychedelic sound that lifts you into a floating groove and teaches you a few things about nuclear power at the same time.
8. Terrafractyl – The Big Illusion
- This classically trained artist is a true gem. You can really hear those classical melodies blended with multi layered crazy psychedelic goodness. A superb morning track.
9. Electroholics – Fungus
- These boys really know how to put together a great tune. Beautiful piano work and soaring melodies this is one for those special moments on a morning dance floor.
10. Daheen – Wisdom
- We see the chill side of Daheen with some lovely guitar work and some words of wisdom from the Native Americans. A great way to wind down the CD.

Visit here for a listen to some of the tracks apearing on the compilation.

  • The CD has been produced completely Carbon Neutral thanks to Breed Media's carbon offset program.
  • All packaging is made from recycled and FSC certified sustainable material including the new paper foam tray and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable when composted.
  • Printing was done alcohol free using vegetable inks, no volatile organic compound emissions from inks or coatings, and no use of quick dry glues with ozone depleting substances.
  • All profits made go towards environmental rehabilitation and education projects.
  • For every CD sold there will be 2 trees planted in the special Regen Records zone at the next R.E.G.E.N planting event, you can even come plant them yourself!

Special thanks for their support to Breed Media, for their excellent stance on environmental CD printing, Mathew de Nebroga at Timecode for the great job on the mastering and Arcaeda Visual Manipulation for the superb artwork.



Daheen - Green Chillies CD



Daheen - Green Chillies

Green Chillies is the debut chill album from Daheen. Perhaps better known for his psytrance releases, Daheen has been producing chill for many years and is excited to be able to bring to light what was originally a promo CD, recently remixed and remastered.

Green chillies is an amazing blend of sounds and styles, taking you on a fascinating journey. With the ingredients of guitars, bagpipes, mandolin, piano, flute, voice, birds, whales, mixed with dubby basslines, swirling psychedelic pads, multiple layers of melodies, and thought provoking samples, all cooked up in the technology of music production software, you end up with a very tasty dish indeed. Mastering by Huby from Ultimae is the icing on the cake.

Manufactured from recycled and recyclable/compostable material using all natural inks and glues, all completely carbon neutral thanks to Breed Media.

To listen to some samples of the tracks click HERE

You can support the artist directly and buy Green Chillies here for the bargain price of $15 (Australien) including P & H ($17 for international purchases).

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